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In Sara’s we care for our customer’s well being and we care to please them through our food. Fresh ingredients and spices are not all that’s needed to make delicious food. It requires skill and it’s an art. As far as art is concerned we are the best artists in the market.

  • we are opened
  • mon:
    11am - 9pm
  • tue:
    11am - 9pm
  • wen:
    11am - 9pm
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    11am - 9pm
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    11am - 10pm
  • sat
    11am - 10pm
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    11am - 9pm
Sara’s Grill food menu

At Sara’s, we serve from breakfast to dinner meals. Our meals are made with the freshest ingredients combined with our secret recipes that will make your tongue dance with every bite, asking for more. Melting like butter in your mouth, making you desire for more.

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We believe that it is the team spirit which helps us bringing such innovative, delicious dishes to the table.
We are open 7 days a week.
what can Sara’s Grill offer
  • we can acomodate 40 people
  • fresh food every day, produced locally from our neightbours
  • world renouned chefs with 20 years experience
  • need a romantic getaway, Sara’s Grill is for you
  • or maybe a business dinner, try us now
  • We Satisfy, Delight and Nourish Our Customers
Make your reservation now for a delightful experience

We offer a variety of freshly prepared meals, from early breakfast to late night dinner. You are encouraged to get a reservation albeit never forget we always have the heart to serve and a Special place for you.  Sara’s Grill brings together spectacular food and a tremendous atmosphere that is great for the whole family to enjoy.

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Don’t be shy do contact us about everything and anything, we will be glad to answer your questions about Sara’s grill restaurant.

  • 2860 Show Place Drive Naperville, IL 60564
  • Phone: 630-717-7865, 773-454-7881
  • Email: sarasgrill@gmail.com

About Us

It’s about time to taste the delightful halal menu at Sara’s Grill and Eastern Cuisine. An extensive variety of eminence and traditional meals are served at Sara’s, with a sole purpose to please every customer with the quality and to meet every all their expectations. The food served is lavished with exclusive service and scrumptious South Asian halal cuisines at reasonable prices. As you get your hands on the menu, you will come across an immense variety of delicious appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, drinks and nonetheless, desserts. Long story short, Sara’s Grill it is people, a place where you’ll find what you’re actually looking for.